6 Aug

Recently I have made myself a Tumblr account, and may I say that place is friggin Awesome!!! πŸ™‚ here check it out




Chavacano jokes :) v.1

1 Jun

-kudo’s to “There’s no place like home’s” blog

Tiene un OFW pinoy na America. Ya tarda ya le na america pero tormento pa di suyo ingles kay firme ta bolbe.

Ahora kiere le man vacacion kay tiene man le 5 semana este anio. Entonces, anda le dale noticia con di suyo bosing.”

Boss, i want payb wiks baykaysion”.Habla el bos: “No problem, but you have to say “Five” not “payb”.

Ya man practis le pero “payb” lang siempre ta sale. Ahora bira le ole con di suyo boss.”

Boss, ok gib me only por wiks”Habla el Bos “no problem. but you have to say “Four” not “por”.

Practis ya tamen le pero no puede sale “Four” pirme lang “por”.

Bira le na disuyo bosing.”PAK IT BOS, GIB ME TWO”

English translation

There was one Filipino working in America, He has worked a long time there but still he has a hard time talking in English because he keeps on going home.

This time he wants to go on a vacation since he has 5 months this year. Thus, he went to ask permission from his boss.

“Boss, I want payb(five) weeks of vacation” Then the boss said “No problem, but you have to say “Five” not “payb”.

He practiced to say five but he still kept on saying ‘payb’,This time he went back to his boss.
“Boss, okay give me only por weeks ” then the boss said “no problem. but you have to say “Four” not “por”.

The same thing happened when he tried to say Four, he just kept on saying por.

Then he went back to his boss ” f@!@ it boss, give me two!”

HAHA’SΒ  if you dont get it you lack brain cells ;p

Under construction

1 Jun

Well the owner of this blogΒ  well me had changed over the summer that’swhy I think it’s a good time to make changes to this blog of mine and welcome it to the new era of 2010 πŸ™‚

So, things will be a little different around here πŸ˜‰

Sentences of the month

1 Jun

Yes, i’ve noticed that the last time I did my sentences of the month was about 2 days ago. LoL. It’s June fella’s and when June comes, school comes too.

So here are some useful sentences that might help you this school year. πŸ™‚

Chavacano:Β  Tiene tu bolpen alyi?

English: Do you have an extra ballpen with you?

Tagalog: May bolpen ka pa dyan?

Chavacano: Late ya yo?

English: Am I late?

Tagalog: Late na ba ako?

Chavacano: Qosa el nuevo subject?

English: What’s the new subject?

Tagalog: Ano ang bagong subject?

Chavacano: Pavor saka mi bag.

English: Please get my bag.

Tagalog: Paki kuha ang bag ko.

Download Heaven

1 Jun

Hey you!! yes you!:)

I know everybody likes to download stuff from the internet especially if they’re free πŸ™‚ so here are my top 3 sites.

1. 4shared.com

-One of the most reliable downloading sites for me πŸ™‚

2. sharebowl.com

-I just recently discovered this. It’s mad cool it even lets you download magazine covers!:)

3. jenpoo.com

-For kpop enthusiasts this is the site for you! It updates every time there’s a new releaseΒ  πŸ™‚

~hope it would be useful for you πŸ™‚ ❀

Sentences of the month

30 May

Sentences of the month πŸ™‚

Chavacano: Quando ta anda skwela?

Filipino: Kailan ang pasukan natin?

English:When will our classes start?

Chavacano: Que kosa?

Filipino: Ano po yun?

English: Excuse me, what was that?

Chavacano: Kabar?

Filipino: Tapos?

English: So?

Heyya! :)

30 May

It has been about 3 months since my last post. My bad

Well let me tell you about what’s happening to Zamboanga these days…

1.Holy Week

It was a very nice solemn occasion for us Christians,It was nice here in Zamboanga everybody went to mass, Families who lived hectic lives took the time off to be with their families and enjoy the season of love :))

2.During the Election

It was umh okay I guess. ;p LoL. It was good that nothing bad happened. not that I expected ANYTHING. No crazy people wielding machine guns, Nope none of those πŸ™‚ But it says on the poll thingy on Gma/ABS-CBN that our city voted mostly for Erap Estrada Lol. πŸ™‚

3. Summer 2010

Well it has been hell here both literally and figuratively during the start of the summer, well withΒ  the addition that the El Nino was trying to scorch hell of our skins we had rotating black outs o.o for one day we would have 6-8 hours of blackouts, (this ticked of my dad big time so he bought us our own generator) but at the end it seemed bearable (maybe because we got used to it?)Β  but this may it kinda stopped a bit (Thank God for the rain).

God FTW! πŸ™‚