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Must taste. :)

21 Nov

This is an example of a delicacy  in Zamboanga

and in Mindanao.

mmhhh satti

During recess, us high school students of WMSU

rush to get our own helping of satti.

Satti in my opinion is very delicious.

Especially if you eat it when there is cold weather.

It’s made up of some kind of “malagkit” or sticky rice, with some kind of red sauce

(I am not really sure of what the sauce is made out of but I know they put in dozens of hot pepper)

and you can eat it with beef cuts on sticks or with other kinds of meat like liver.

It is so yummy.

The best satti in Zamboanga is Jimmy’s Satti.

in my opinion

located in Pilar st. just beside Morning Sun

(also a satti house, so two satti house rivals in a connected store? It’s only in Zamboanga my friends ^^)

a whole meal costs about 20 pesos.

it’s cheap and leaves you wanting for more.

I also heard it cures hang overs. 🙂

So if ever you get drunk in Zamboanga hihi ^^

Get a helping of satti. 🙂

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